Physical Security Professional

​​​​​​​​The Physical Security Professional (PSP®) credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. Earning a PSP demonstrates your expertise in conducting physical security surveys to identify vulnerabilities and performing cost analysis for the selection of integrated physical security measures. In addition, it confirms your specialized knowledge in systems procurement, final acceptance testing, and implementation procedures.

Eligibility Requirements
  • High school diploma, GED equivalent, or associate degree AND six years of progressive experience in the physical security* field

  • Bachelor's degree or higher AND four years of progressive experience in the physical security* field

​*​Physical security is defined as the various physical measures ​designed to safeguard personnel, property, and information.​

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Is the PSP right for you? 

Listen to this free 60-minutes webinar led by a panel of board-certified PSPs. Gain a better understanding of the “nuts and bolts” such as eligibility requirements, application process, exam preparation requirements and options, testing, and recertification.

About the Exam

The exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions and may also contain 15 "pre-test" (unscored) questions randomly distributed throughout the examination for a total of 140 questions. The time allowed takes into consideration review of pre-test items.

The exam covers tasks, knowledge, and skills in three broad domains that have been identified by PSPs as the major areas involved in physical security management. 

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PSP Virtual Study Group​

Starting December 1, 2017, this eight-week online program, led by a team of expert faculty, takes you through the complete recommended reference materials for the new Physical Security Professional (PSP) examination. 

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