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Promoting Your Certification

Appropriate Usage:        

  • A certificant in good standing may use the certification marks for the purpose of identifying themselves as holding a certain certification(s) on business cards, stationary, resumes, and professional listing. 

​Read below for tips to help promote your certification achievements. View misuse reporting form and usage policies for certification trademarks.

  • The certification marks cannot be used by individuals, organizations or companies on websites, promotional materials, and advertisements with misleading claims that ASIS International or the Professional Certification Board supports/sponsors their activities. 
  • Certificants may not produce promotional items that display the marks for resale.

Below are important guidelines to ensure appropriate display of the certification marks. All certification marks must appear in capital letters followed by the superscript ® symbol.

Correct Examples:          

I. CPP®, PCI®, PSP®   

Certified Protection Professional
Board Certified in Security Management

Professional Certified Investigator
Board Certified in Investigations​

Physical Security Professional
Board Certified in Physical Security

Incorrect Usage Examples:          

Certified Protection Professional (X)​

Professional Certified Investigator (X)

Physical Security Professional (X)​

​Be sure to include your credentials on: 

  • Signature on business correspondence, i.e., John Doe, CPP®.
  • LinkedIn, Plaxo or other online business profile.
  • Business card, including explanation of your designation on the back (i.e., Board Certified in Security Management/Investigations/Physical Security).
  • Articles and/or photographs of you in company and/or professional publications, articles by-lined by you, lists of speakers at professional conferences and other speaking engagements.
  • Bio on the company website, conference program, or blog.
  • Depositions.
  • Proposals for projects (including a brief synopsis of what certification means, what is required to get the certification, and why it sets you apart from others in the profession.
  • When submitting requirements for security positions in your company and/or writing job descriptions or RFPs, include "CPP®/PCI®/PSP® required" or "CPP®/PCI®/PSP® preferred".

Whenever possible, include the "Board Certified in Security Management/Investigations/Physical Security" tagline, thereby easing the explanation process. For example:

Mary Brown, CPP®
Certified Protection Professional
Board Certified in Security Management

View usage policies for certification trademarks (pdf).

Download and use our Board-Certified Logos

By downloading and using the certification logos, I agree to follow usage guidelines. I acknowledge that failure to comply, may result in review proceedings and the risk of losing my certification status.

Right-click the appropriate link(s) below and select "Save as..." or similar option
CPP® | PCI® | PSP®

Learn more about your Digital Credentials

If you have suggestions that are not included here, please email them to the Certification Program office so we can broaden this list.

What Chapters Can Do

Ideas for chapters to recognize their certified members:

  • Hold a special dinner or lunch meeting in honor of all those who contribute to your certification programs (chapter contacts, instructors of reviews, certified professionals) in your chapter or region. If the budget permits, provide this at a discount or even free of charge for certified members.
  • Offer savings on chapter seminars to certified members in good standing.
  • Recognize those who pass the CPP®, PCI®​, and PSP® exams by offering a token gift, such as an inscribed pen, merchandise from the ASIS store, or lapel pin.
  • Send a letter to the employers of all newly certified members explaining the importance and value of ASIS designations.