​​​Candidates are encouraged to use the reference materials to prepare for the exam. 

After carefully reviewing the domains of study and identifying individual learning needs, candidates may choose to use additional references and study opportunities, including chapter study groups and ASIS classroom and online reviews.

We also have several free study tools, including practice exams featuring retired questions and self-assessments to gauge your knowledge and eligibility.​

Digital Credentials

For ASIS certificants, a digital credential is a highly effective means of promoting your certification globally and through social media. For employers, digital credentials provide a quick and easy means of verifying an individual has earned an ASIS board certification, as well as information on the demanding criteria for both earning and maintaining it. Learn more about digital credentials by reading our FAQs.

Write Test Questions for the CPP, PCI or PSP Exams

Preparing valid multiple-choice questions is a challenging and rewarding experience that requires skill, patience, and creativity. CPPs, PCIs, PSPs not involved in review/preparatory programs, may submit questions for the respective designation(s) they hold. Writers must agree that after service on PCB-sponsored item-writing activity, for any length of time, they will not serve as an instructor in educational or training session with the expressed purpose of preparing candidates for ASIS certification exams for a minimum of 3 years after their item-writing participation.