On-site Programs

Budget constraints? Pressed for time? Need specific topics? ASIS can bring an educational classroom program to you!

The average two-day ASIS classroom program costs approximately $850 per person for tuition, add in airfare, hotel, travel time, and a per diem for each attendee and your expenses can soar!

The average price to bring a two-day ASIS on-site program with two speakers to your organization is under $10,000 U.S. dollars for up to 20 participants.

ASIS on-site programs offer you the ability to tailor programs to meet your staff's education needs at the convenience of your organization's office---saving you time and money! 

ASIS contract programs deliver advantages to both the sponsoring organization and individual attendees, including

  • Focused training to meet your specific knowledge or skill requirements
  • Strengthened relations and enhanced morale
  • Increased savings of time and money​

Host Responsibilities and Facility Requirements

Sample Program Expenses

Questions? Contact our education team for more information.