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Auditing Management Systems: Risk, Resilience, Security, and Continuity - Guidance for Application (SPC.2)
*ASIS Member:Free download $149.00 value

Chief Security Officer - An Organizational Model (CSO)
*ASIS Member: Free download $74.00 value

Conformity Assessment and Auditing Management Systems for Quality of Private Security Company Operations (PSC.2)
*ASIS Member: Free download $81.00 value

*ASIS Member: Free download | En Espanol $193.00 value

Manag​ement System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations-Requirements with Guidance (PSC.1) ​​Revised
*ASIS Member: Free download $165.00 value

Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of a Quality Assurance Management System for Private Security Service Providers (SPC.3)
*ASIS Member: Free download $92.00 value

Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of the Organizational Resilience Management System (SPC.4)
*ASIS Member: Free download $81.00 value

Quality Assurance and Security Management for Private Security Companies Operating at Sea—Guidance (PSC.4)
*ASIS Member: Free download $149.00 value

Risk Assessment (RA)
*ASIS Member: Free download | En Espanol $107.00 value

Security and Resilience in Organizations and thei​r Supply Chains - Requirements with Guidance (ORM.1)
*ASIS Member:Free download $135.00 value

*This Standard replaces Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness and Continuity Management Systems--Requirements with Guidance for Use (SPC.1) and Business Continuity Management Standard (BCM)

​​Security Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection (PAP)
*ASIS Member: Free download | En Espanol​​ $142.00 value

Supply Chain Risk Management: A Compilation of Best Practices (SCRM)
*ASIS Member: Free download​ $193.00 value

Workplace Violence Pre​vention and Intervention Standard (WPVI)
*ASIS Member: Free download | En Espanol $117.00 value